Terms of Service

1.    In order to use the Customer Centre, you first have to register on the St. Moritz Energie Website. To register, complete indication of first and last name, address, e-mail address and customer identification information (ID, Object ID) is required.
The customer data is available 24 hours after registration in the Customer Centre. If it is impossible to identify the customer based on the provided information, there will be no customer data displayed. This may be due to incorrect input of the customer number and / or the object ID.

2.    The website and the Customer Centre on this website are operated by SwiBi AG. All data entered by the user during the registration process or later is transmitted to SWiBi AG, stored and possibly edited.
The user expressly consents to disclosure, storage and processing of his/her data (first name, last name, customer number, object ID, etc.) by SWIBI AG.

3.    The Customer Centre cannot be accessed without consent to the Terms of Service. The consent may be revoked at any time via the contact form. When the user exercises his/her right to revoke his/her consent, he/she can no longer use the Customer Centre.

4.    If the user no longer wishes to use the Customer Centre, he/she may ask for a deletion of his/her account via the contact form.

5.    The operator considers any person who legitimizes himself/herself using your username and password (self-legitimation) to be authorized; this applies regardless of whether the person has actually been authorized by the account holder.

6.    Any authorized users must store the user name and password with special care. User name and password must be kept secret. They may never be revealed or passed on to others. Username and passwords are to be neither written down nor stored electronically.

Passwords must contain at least 6 characters, including one figure or a special character. Upper and lower case letters are recommended. The password may not be easy to determine or permit conclusions (such as phone numbers, dates of birth, car registration, etc.). If there is reason to believe that another person has become aware of username and/or password, the authorized user has to change, delete or suspend the account immediately via the contact form.

7.    The legitimation agreement pursuant to the above paragraph 4 means that those risks lie with the accessor that incur (i) from tampering with his/her computer system by unauthorized parties, (ii) resulting from misuse of username and password, or (iii) data transmission.

The authorized user is aware of the risks that arise from the fact that the Customer Centre access takes place via open facilities available to anyone (such as public and private data transmission networks, Internet servers, access providers). Any content transmitted from the Customer Centre is encrypted. The encryption may not prevent manipulations to the authorized user’s EDP system by unauthorized parties- particularly via the internet. The authorized user is liable for any of those manipulations.

If you get in touch using the Customer Centre, in order to avoid errors or misuse, the authorized user is obliged to monitor the accuracy of the URL as well as the encryption used for data transmission using the security icon in the browser. In case of any irregularity, the connection should be discontinued immediately and the findings shall be reported via the contact form

While browsing the Internet it is possible that an unauthorized third party is trying to gain access to the data processing system of the authorized user. Therefore, the authorized user must take the usual precautions to minimize the existing security risks on the Internet (for example through use by the current anti-virus programs and firewalls); it is up to the authorized user to find out about the necessary security precautions. Furthermore the authorized user shall be obliged to take the necessary precautions to secure any data stored on his/her data processing system.

If additional software is used by the authorized user in a way that is not necessary to access the Customer Centre and therefore causes a breach of duty of care or is in contradiction with such duty of care, the authorized user can be held liable for any damages caused by such breach.

8.    The authorized user acknowledges that due to the increasing internationalization of markets on the one hand and constant expansion of the services of the Customer Centre usable with user name and password on the other hand the operator is forced to provide electronically published information and individual services with legal disclaimers and limitations.

9.    The liability of the operator for losses caused by transmission errors, technical faults and interruptions, breakdowns and illegal intrusion into screens or other computerized systems of the authorized user or a third party as well as damages incurred on generally accessible systems and transmission networks, is excluded except for cases of gross negligence. Any liability for losses resulting from breakdowns, interruptions (incl. system-related maintenance work) or system overload in EDP systems of the operator is also excluded.

10.    Due to possible manipulation by third parties (see also paragraph 8), the operator of the Customer Centre cannot accept any liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information that can be retrieved on screens or other EDP systems (incl. telephone sets, mobile phones); in particular the data of the measuring sites is not deemed validated unless it is explicitly referred to as validated.

11.    The operator reserves the right to amend the present provisions to the Customer Centre services. Changes will be published on this page. Without written objection within one month following their publication they are considered approved.

12.    Please note that Swiss law (e.g. on data protection) extends only to Swiss territory and thus all and any data entered abroad is not protected under Swiss law. The authorized user pledges to comply with the applicable data protection laws himself/herself and has sought any and all consents required by data protection law.

13.    Network availability is a prerequisite for the provision of services and is guaranteed by the operator up to the transfer point to the Internet. The Internet connection chosen by the authorized user and the Internet are not subject to these Terms of Service.

14.    All legal relationships arising from or in connection with these Terms of Service shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law. Jurisdiction is St. Moritz.